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The Cape Town carnival

It’s not quite “move over, Rio de Janeiro”, but the Cape Town festival has received attributes like “awesome”, “unforgettable”, and (most importantly) “worth visiting”. ... more

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Find romance on the water near Kimberley

Find romance on the water near Kimberley

It seems as if 2013 is disappearing in the proverbial blink of an eye, so if you have a hankering for a relaxing mid-year break, set out to Broadwater River Estates in the Northern Cape for a romantic weekend away or even a long weekend, where all that matters is you, your partner, beautiful sunsets, some great water sports (if you can take the cold water), and a fantastic houseboat experience on the DaRiva Houseboat near to Kimberley and Douglas.

About Broadwater River Estates ... more

The 411 on PE

With the Internet empowering people to be able to work from anywhere, we’re getting a little more adventurous in our thoughts about travelling, especially to learn about places in our own back yard. Port Elizabeth is one of those places that you can go to for a visit and you may just consider staying… it’s not called “The Friendly City” for nothing. ... more

A historic adventure ride – Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City

I like to think that we’ve progressed, learned from the past. What I learned after last year’s December holiday fiasco was: Never be at the coast for Christmas and/or New Year. That’s just a matter of opinion, but if struggling in 35°C heat for parking, waiting in queues at the banks, the shops, and the fun rides, and dealing with the holiday traffic is your thing… then by all means, go right ahead and do that coastal holiday thing. ... more

The Cradle of Humankind

The modern tourist travels not only for fun and pleasure. He and she also travel to broaden own horizons, expand awareness, and to learn. ... more

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