How to Buy a Used Shipping Container

It may be that you are in the market for storage in Cape Town for any number of reasons but are wondering if there are any alternatives to storing your belongings away from your home. You may or may not have heard that you are able to buy used or pre-owned shipping containers which may serve your purposes, and then some. ... more

Some of the strangest things to be found in self-storage

These days, more and more people are relying on self-storage units to store their personal belongings when they run into space limitations either at their home residence or at work. Self-storage providers have some interesting stories to tell about the kinds of goods that get stored at their facilities. While some people store mundane things like boats, couches, and suitcases of clothes, other people… well. ... more

South African food brands

There are many South African food brands that are instantly recognisable to the locals. Some of them have attained international fame, and not only thanks to the South Africans who emigrated overseas.

Let’s take a look at some of them: ... more

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Beauty in a bottle

An overview of South African skin care products and brands.

South African skin care products are making a mark on the local as well as international market. ... more

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Reasons you should attend the Mining African Summit

Reasons you should attend the Mining African Summit

South Africa has a fantastic calendar of trade show events throughout the year, which speaks to a very broad range of industries across the country as well as sub-Saharan Africa. One of the most anticipated events on the 2013 calendar is the Mining Africa Summit 2013.

Event Details
When: 24-25 October 2013
Where: The Sandton Convention Centre

What to expect from the Mining Africa Summit ... more

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